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About me


So where do I start?


At first I thought I was meant for a career strictly in the visual arts. Seems I started drawing before I even left the womb, and yeah I was that kid in school always doodling in the margins. This led me to my dream (at the time at least) of becoming an animator. Three years and a Sheridan College diploma later, I realized that yes, I indeed loved film but had no intentions of becoming a full time animator.


Still, I stuck with the drawing and soon after college created a comic strip that I self-syndicated to a dozen of local newspapers across the continent. Not long after that I created more comic material, this time in the sports editorial realm, and was soon producing a half dozen cartoons per week seen internationally in both print and online.


It was around this same time that I had an epiphany that, looking back, seems painfully obvious. I wasn’t just an artist who could write, I was actually a writer who could draw. I realized that the big picture stuff like ideas and jokes and stories interested me most. This opened a whole new world to me that included magazine writing, columns, script writing and copywriting. It was like I had grown another hand.


The ability to create ideas from scratch and guide them to maturity is what has always fascinated me about the creative field. It didn’t matter the media I was working with, I just wanted to come up with a concept and follow it through to fruition. I became one of those one man bands who did everything, or soon learned how to do everything. I was that driven.


This drive (poetically), combined with that of a like-minded friend, inspired the two of us to create a fun, groundbreaking, genre-stretching golf travel show that went from a simple pipe dream to a nationally broadcast TV episodic that now has prime international exposure. Not bad for someone who started with very little working knowledge of the industry.


I firmly believe that if you can dream it, you can do it. Most of my professional work has been created by seeing an opportunity and then filling it. I’m driven by a passion to tell a story and to tell it in the most creative way possible. I don’t believe in mediocrity. Good enough is never good enough. Everything you ever do is in your resume whether you acknowledge that or not.


I have a strong love for sports, adventure, comedy, music, creativity, and uniqueness (I like to call it uniquity). I also have an abiding depth of knowledge in each of these areas. My passion is creating material that delivers a strong, clear, and concise message with a unique flavour. And while I’m not afraid to be opinionated, I pride myself on backing my opinions with empathy and understanding, strengthening my stance by giving it more depth and less volume.


Milquetoast is boring. If you stand in the middle of the road, you’ll only get run over, and what’s the point in that? If delivering a strong message is important to you then we should talk.

Freelance Writer/Contributor

The Hockey News​

Sun Media

CBC Sports Online

Canadian Living Magazine

The Writer Magazine

Broken Pencil

The Halifax Daily News

Urban Male Magazine


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