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About charlie

Since graduating with a degree in Animation from Sheridan College, Charlie has been producing creative content for major national and international media outlets across North America  for more than twenty years. Amongst these are hundreds of sports cartoons, comic strips, dozens of articles, two documentaries, and a syndicated golf travel show. His most recent video work has won a number of awards. He forgets the acronyms.

Starting in the world of art, humour and sports and more recently transitioning into the worlds of TV & Film production, writing and design, I’ve gained valuable skills and experience along. Whatever the job called for I either knew it or learned it.


My path hasn’t been your traditional “Guy Leaves College and Works His Way Through the World Of Media” story but it’s been both an educational and fun journey. You soon learn that the less-travelled paths are actually the ones where you find out the most about yourself. I certainly have.


Lest you worry that I’m all over the map (although I have been all over the map in regards to the road trip travel show a friend and I took from a simple idea to network TV) I have the requisite skills and traditional working experience for what you’re looking for. That includes everything from a near-Ninja level of skills with most of the Adobe Suite to drawing programs, writing chops and a wildly inquisitive, curious and creative nature where “good enough” is never good enough.


You’ll never stand out by trying to fit in. My working life has truly been a testament to that.


Thanks for your interest.

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